Seven Sisters Hike - Grenada - written by Seth

The seven sisters waterfall is an iconic piece of Grenada. From the drive up the mountains to its wonderful spices and bathing it is definitely a must do.

The drive to the seven sisters is always a challenging and rewarding experience.  First you need to call a local cab driver that will take you there without a moment of bad music while telling you about the island. Then you have to negotiate the price of your 45 minute rollercoaster. It’s not very far, but it sure is steep and windy, making it a long drive. the worthy destination at the end cancels the pain of the journey. 

If you get one of the amazing guide you will learn about all of the local spices and sample the smells of the famous spice island. Just beware of the mud patches after it rains.

When you finally arrive at this paradise you’ll be glad you brought your bathing suit.  As you wade into the freezing cold water your body will go numb, and as you get closer to the torrential downpour of water, you will find increasingly more powerful current to swim against. And if you are brave enough (I wasn’t) you’ll be pounded and potentially bruised by the waterfall. All in all swimming in the falls is a fun experience that most people will love.

In conclusion, the Seven Sisters waterfall hike is a very fun and educational experience for all ages that you will certainly enjoy and learn about the amazing spices of the famous spice island.