RMS Rhone

The RMS Rhone was a Royal Mail Service (RMS) steamer that sunk in the British Virgin Islands  (BVIs) on the 19th of October, 1867, when hitting Black Rock Point, Salt Island. She was moored alongside the RMS Conway in Great Harbour, Peter Island (we are here now!). When the hurricane hit, they transferred passengers from the Conway to the “unsinkable” Rhone (sounds a bit Titanic, doesn’t it?). They both left the harbour to get to open seas, but the Rhone’s anchor got snagged on a coral head and cut away (we dropped a stern anchor last night, not quite sure how we would get it up. Fingers crossed it won’t join the Rhone’s anchor!). This small delay was enough to make the hurricane smash her against the rocks, leaving her there to this day. Yesterday, we stopped by Salt Island, and dinghied to the wreck to snorkle it. Turns out, its a massive ship. The propeller was about three and a half meters wide. That’s a bit more than twice my height!