Dolphin Thyme

Whitenose, my best friend, is swimming next to me. We are somewhere in between the places that humans call “Bermuda”, and “Newport”. Whenever I hear that, I always wonder where Oldport is. We hear a few other dolphins beckoning us towards them, “Bow wave! Bow wave!” they exclaim loudly. As we get closer, we start to notice a terrible noise begining to get louder. Whitenose groans “I hate engines!”, I respond, “this one looks like it’s able to sail at least”. Once we make it to the bow, we join the others jumping and playing in the bow wave. Humans rush to the front of the boat, very excited. Three of them are holding those weird rectangles in their hands, one of them is urging us to jump, “Come on dolphins! Jump! Jump higher! Yes! A good jump on the right there!”, and the small one is trying to talk to us our language, by whistling, and failing miserably. Eventually some of us are getting bored, and leave. Once it’s just three or four of us, Whitenose starts doing laps around the boat, some of the humans are counting, after about three, he leaves, and I am the last dolphin. I leave too.
Later when I meet up with Whitenose, we both agree that that was really fun.
The end