Christmas Mangos and Bats

This year's holiday season is very different for us. We spent so much energy on the crossing and getting the boat ready that somehow we were unprepared for Hanukkah starting on the night we finished our Atlantic crossing! We typically have gifts ready and wrapped for Seth but this holiday we are focusing on experiences. Seth built our menorah out of legos and as a first gift we treated him and a couple of his friends to the Splash Park in Rodney Bay, later this winter we are planning on some wing foil lessons as well and potentially some water sport equipment! 

Our friends Helene, Paul, Sophie and Eric came to spend a few days with us and brought some Christmas cheer with them. Sophie’s artwork is brightening the walls! 

For Christmas, I bought some mangoes for Seth as it is one of his favorite fruit…. I placed them carefully in the nets under the solar panels to let them ripen, unfortunately on Christmas Eve, we were staying on a mooring in Marigot Bay, St Lucia and unbeknownst to us there are lots of bats in the area! As we were getting ready to lower the dinghy to go out to dinner, I saw lots of flutter under the solar panels and many bats flew away! I am not particularly rave when it comes to bats but I quickly realized that they were attracted by our ripening fruits and set out to salvage as many as I could! It took a while to move everything inside and clean up after the bats! We only lost one mango and a couple bananas!